Conditions prior to the Sub-project implementation

Before the BNTF construction of the Biabou ECDC, pre-school services in the community was restricted and offered by one privately owned pre-school which was in a dilapidated condition. Some parents who could afford, resorted to taking their children to pre-schools out of the community while parents who could not afford the transportation costs and the fees charged by the privately owned pre-school had no other alternative but to keep their children at home.

Scope of Works

The Biabou ECDC was completed on September 30th, 2020. This consisted of the construction of a 3,805 sq ft building that accommodated two modern child-friendly class rooms, indoor play area, kitchen, dining room, a supervisor office, storage room, adult and children’s washrooms, a Janitor room – all implemented to improve early childhood development in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The ECDC was fully furnished by the BNTF with child appropriate classroom and dining room furniture, indoor play equipment, shelving, kitchen appliances and outdoor playground equipment. The final cost for this project was XCD $1,142,886.60.


  • 27 students (14M, 13F) benefitted from this sub-project.
  • Students enrolled are exposed to gender socialization and social skills development from qualified teachers.
  • The quality of the facilities, early childhood equipment and materials supplied significantly raised the standard of the early childhood learning and teaching environment available to the community.
  • The building and its facilities are wheelchair accessible, the pool of students, staff and parents who have access to early childhood facilities is expanded.
  • Attendance at the ECDC is free, the cost of private pre-school was an access barrier for poor families, the pool of students and parents who have access to early childhood education is expanded.

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