Water and Sanitation

One of our tenants is ensuring our citizens have access to clean water and proper sanitation.


Education and human resource development

Education is a cornerstone of every society. We ensure we support the halls of education. 


Basic community access and drainage

We believe that every citizen should have proper road access and drainage.

Poverty alleviation through community empowerment

BNTF Project 9

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Roseau-Walvaroo Footpath


Conditions prior to the Sub-project implementation The Roseau/Walvaroo Footpaths were unpaved and eroded dirt pathways, which made it... Read More Roseau-Walvaroo Footpath

Keartons Hill Footpath 


Conditions prior to the Sub-project implementation The Kearton’s Hill Footpath was unpaved and eroded which made it potentially dangerous... Read More Keartons Hill Footpath 

Orange Hill village road 


The construction of a 1,932 ft roadway 12ft wide of 6 inches thick reinforced concrete with slipper drains along its length. The target was... Read More Orange Hill village road 

Suggest a project!

And make a difference!

For each of our project cycles we allow for the assistance of the public to provide us with fresh ideas. 

If you know of any projects that fall under the three supported categories (Education, water and sanitation, and basic access) please fill out the form at the link below to assist us. 

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