Conditions prior to the Sub-project implementation

The Roseau/Walvaroo Footpaths were unpaved and eroded dirt pathways, which made it potentially dangerous for pedestrians as the area was relatively steep. The poor state of the footpath was a major concern for residents as when it rained residents had difficulty getting to work and school. There were also incidents of flooding of homes and yards when it rained, as there was no proper drainage. Unfortunately, there were times that children and adults slipped and fell while trying to walk along the slippery dirt pathway. 

Scope of WorksThe Roseau/Walvaroo Footpaths was completed on March 31st, 2020, and consisted of reinforced concrete walkways, inclusive of steps with galvanized pipe rails and extensive box and slipper drains. Lights were also installed along the footpath. The construction length of both footpaths was 480ft and the average width was 4 ft. The contractual cost for this project was XCD $275,287.16.


  • 176 persons (93M, 83F) benefitted from this sub-project.
  • Residents benefitted from improved access to community services, especially the elderly and disabled. 
  • The paved footpaths were much easier to navigate especially when it rained and the rails provided increased security for the elderly and disabled.
  • The improved drainage incorporated in the footpaths resulted in flood-water no longer affecting persons’ yards and homes.
  • In Roseau, beneficiaries highlighted the improved access to electricity and water as the utility companies were able to add new lines due to the improved footpath.
  • New steps connecting Roseau to Mala Village reduced the travel time between the two communities and made it easier for students to get to school.

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