Conditions prior to the Sub-project implementation

The Orange Hill Village Road was unpaved and eroded and the dust from the roadway was a hazard to residents especially those with respiratory issues. The poor state of the roads was a major concern for residents as when it rained residents had difficulty getting to work and school. There were also incidents of flooding of homes and yards when it rained as there was no proper drainage. Unfortunately, there were times that children and adults slipped and fell while trying to negotiate a path along the dirt pathway. Vehicles could not traverse along most parts of the roads; residents were forced to carry their materials, luggage, etc themselves or get assistance from others after disembarking from vehicles on the main Windward Highway.

 Scope of Works

The Orange Hill Village Road was completed on August 31st, 2020 and consisted of two-way traffic reinforced concrete roads, paved entrances for homeowners and extensive box and slippers drains. The construction length of the footpath was 1,932ft and the average width was 14 ft. The final cost for this project was XCD $770,840.05.


  • 136 persons (75M, 61F) benefitted from this sub-project.
  • Residents benefitted from improved access to community services, especially the elderly and disabled. 
  • The paved road was much easier for pedestrians to navigate and residents now have vehicular access to all the parts of the community.
  • The improved drainage incorporated along the roadway resulted in less mosquitoes in the community from water pooling in yards and along the roadway.
  • Beneficiaries highlighted the impact on their property values and the increased pride they felt in the look of their community.
  • Elderly and disabled beneficiaries advised that they were no longer feeling ‘cut off’ as family and friends could now visit their homes regularly.

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