Conditions prior to the Sub-project implementation

The Calliaqua Anglican School was originally built for 200 students, but was operating significantly over capacity at 276 students, i.e., less than (20 ft) of classroom space per pupil, and additional students could not be admitted due to lack of space. There was also inadequate administrative space and privacy for the existing principal’s office. There was no ‘sick-bay’ to isolate sick students. The school, therefore, required an extension to properly accommodate the number of students and staff.

In addition, there was the need for significant upgrading of the ageing facilities at the school.  The barnlike structure of the original building resulted in noise that affected teaching and learning. The bathroom facilities were in poor condition and inadequate for students and staff. 

Scope of Works

The Calliaqua Anglican School Rehabilitation and Extension was completed on January 31st, 2021. This included the vertical expansion of the school by the construction of an additional floor over the northern wing of the school to accommodate 4 new classrooms and a principal’s office. The original classrooms were enclosed by the installation of movable partitions. All windows were replaced and the school was repainted. The toilet block was completely overhauled and the sanitary ware replaced. Picnic benches were procured for students to eat lunch outside. 160 lecture chairs were procured and whiteboards were installed in the classrooms. The final cost for this project was XCD $1,516,628.40.


  • 276 students (125M, 151F) benefitted from this sub-project.
  • The additional classroom space and enhanced school facilities have positively affected teaching and learning.
  • Students have a healthier environment with an upgraded water fountain and sanitary facilities.
  • The partitions between classes have decreased the noise level and distractions during lessons.
  • Picnic benches were procured for students to eat their lunches in a more comfortable manner.
  • Students have a safer playing area on the resurfaced hardcourt.
  • There is increased pride in the community in the enhanced and new school buildings.

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