Conditions prior to the Sub-project implementation

The Park Hill Government School, as a result of aging facilities, was in a dilapidated condition, and as such, teaching and learning were being done under deteriorating conditions. The bathroom facilities were in poor condition and inadequate for students. The perimeter fence was in disrepair and was a security threat as unauthorized persons entered the school premises. The un-grassed designated playing field was an environmental health risk to staff and students as it was dusty when dry, and slippery when wet.

Scope of Works

The Park Hill Government School Rehabilitation was completed on August 31st, 2020. The classrooms were refurbished, and three movable partitions were installed on the upper level. The school was repainted, all damaged portions of the roof were replaced, and the wire mesh at the front of the building and the damaged windows were replaced with stormproof aluminum windows. The school kitchen and the Tuckshop were upgraded, and the cupboards were replaced. The toilet block was completely overhauled, and the sanitary ware was replaced. The external works replaced 678 ft of chain link fence, constructed a hard-court, and grassed the playing field. The final cost for this project was XCD $726,048.23.


  • 117 students (64M, 53F) benefitted from this sub-project.
  • The enhanced school facilities have positively affected teaching and learning.
  • The partitions between classes have decreased the noise level and distractions during lessons.
  • The new grassed playing field and the construction of a hard-court have improved the participation in extra-curricular activities, especially netball, at the primary school’s competitive level.
  • The improved surroundings have led to greater ownership by staff and students and resulted in a much improved third place in a National Health and Cleanliness school competition in November 2020. 

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